Finding a Roofing Contractor in Omaha

Just beginning your search for a roofing contractor in Omaha?  You can start by contacting the Omaha Chamber of Commerce about contractors who are active in the community. The Better Business Bureau, state licensing authorities, local trade associations and the yellow pages are also excellent sources of information. Also local suppliers of roofing products can be a good place to check.   If you already know what you are looking for you can simply call 855-981-1860 now to speak to a roofing expert that will set you up to get in-home estimates from up to 3 different Omaha roofers in the area.  If you’re not sure what you want in a roofer, keep reading to get some tips on what are some important things to look for.

Finding a contractor who knows good roofing practices and how to deal with problem spots on building roofs, and other options when it comes to roof covering products: shingle types, grades, colors, flat roofing materials, etc can be a tough task. A reliable roofer will provide you with sound advice on different options, reasonable explanation of procedures, and, most importantly-solid results – no leaks, and a roof that will withstand the elements. It can be difficult to determine the capabilities and reliability of a contractor.

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Any Home Improvement is a complex consideration of elements, the success of which depends on the build of the materials, installation and over-all construction.  There are many ways to begin your search for the contractor who meets your personal needs. Referrals are obviously the best way to get names of credible companies. Ask friends and family members who they have went with in the past.  Now, here are 4 things you’ll want to look for when hiring a roofer:

1. Check Online Roofer Reviews

Before you decide on a roofer and sign the contract, you should also crosscheck the roofer’s references with online roofer reviews. When doing this, make sure to look at both negative and positive reviews. It is likely that an experienced roofer who has done many projects has received a few negative reviews from customers who are very hard to please. Instead of rejecting these roofers, you need to see if the number of positive reviews exceeds the negative ones by a wide margin. When checking referrals and reviews look for older ones and see if the work done has been reliable and the after service provided sufficient.

2. Verify Workers Compensation And Insurance Coverage

If you like what you see, it’s time to make sure that the roofer carries workers’ compensation coverage and at the minimum $1 million of liability insurance. Get his agent’s name and proof-of-insurance certificates. Then get an estimate. Because roofing is a short-term job, break up the total due into two payments if you can: one-third up front for materials, and the rest when the roofing and cleanup are done to your satisfaction.

Also insist on a warranty that covers leaks, flashing failure and other labor-related issues. A one-year warranty is the very least you should get, though two or three years is preferable. These same items should go into the contract, which should also include what type of shingles will be used. Ask for the highest-rated, longest-lasting shingles you can afford.

Shingle manufacturers for the most part back their products for 20 to 30 years. Some warranties are void if shingles are put on over existing shingles, so ripping off the existing layer could be required, at an additional cost. Asphalt roofs last 13 years, so a 20-year warranty should be fine. Just be sure you receive the paperwork and proof of purchase needed to pursue any issues down the road.

3. Tell the roofing company you’re a referral.

Businesses love referrals because that’s where a lot of their work comes from. Being a referral makes you stand out. Here’s how to become an instant referral: just call your prospective roofing company and ask them for a reference. Then contact the reference and maybe do a ‘drive-by.’ That’s all there is to it. You are now a genuine referral and can tell the roofing company “So and so gave me your name and they said you’re the greatest.”

Calling as a referral is the single greatest way to start a relationship or do business with any company. It gives you an edge. If a roofing company isn’t nice to you when you call as a referral they won’t be good when it counts – like when your project’s under way. (Don’t be disappointed if the receptionist isn’t over excited when you say you’re a referral.)

Most all great roofing and remodeling companies are built on a rock solid foundation and reputation from referrals. A referral is all that most customers need to make a decision. People go where their friends and family like to go, especially if it’s the first time. A referral is invaluable – they’ve already used the roofing company to test them for you. Buying a new roof for most people is a once-in-a-lifetime thing – it’s important to get it right the first time. And what better way than utilizing the knowledge of others that you trust?

4. Ask if they remove the debris when the job is done.

Roofing can be a messy job. One of the major problems that homeowners encounter, and one that few customers even think about beforehand, is – what happens to all the shingles and tiles up there now? Well, they can get tossed to the ground! And broken, shattered, and strewn all over. You will also have nails all over the place, too. If the roofing company does not make sure the roofing supplies are not placed neatly on a tarp which can be carried away, you will have broken tiles, nails, wood splinters, and whatever else they leave behind, all over your yard. A licensed roofing contractor will know how to dispose of this dangerous mess, and he will be liable for any injuries to your property or your family if there is injury from disassembling your roof. Well that concludes our list, be careful and don’t forget to do your homework beforehand and you’ll be happy with the result!